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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why the tittle?

Holistic Organic Philanthropic Expression (Hope) came about as an exploration in the dictionary.  I wanted to find something that would cover all of my interests.  I love art, acting, theater, film, studios, sets, photography, good stories, poetry, and the beauty of nature.  This is my place to explore these things, and perhaps give to someone else something back.  An idea.  A creative burst of energy.  A laugh.  A cry.  Or if no one reads, I hope to at least get the junk out of my head to clear it for new ideas and new thoughts.  I am traveling my own version of the "Artists Way."

Holism means an integrated whole with its own independent reality. You take a person as they are in their entirety.  You don't break down a person or body into parts.  We are spiritual energy contained in a complete working physical system.

Organic has many meanings, but in this context it encompasses living natural life.  We use this term to describe life, food, and recently I have been exposed to this term in the context of voice and acting.  It is creating and breathing life into art.

Philanthropic is basically an interest in humane wellness.  It typically implies a monetary involvement, but as many know, times have been hard.  Life is a balance though, and I can't stand the idea of not volunteering or giving back.  I think we should praise those who want to survive and live by giving and helping others.  If we waste time looking for hidden agendas and power games, we lose the possibility for humanitarian marginal utility.  I think we need to encourage endowments from the heart, and not force them.

Expression.  I am an artist at heart.  I value the First Amendment.  I value the gift we have been given to communicate and I believe that we are a nation that has lost touch with the concept of freedom.  I am no ones property.  I do not seek to own anyone.  I seek to be free to grow as an actress and artist and to find my path to love and light.  God in his many forms is not one who wants anyone to suffer and is not judgmental and oppressive.  I have one goal and purpose in life, and making money is not it, not if I have to give up my soul and who I am for it.  To me a simple life is on with me making art and working in the industry and on sets.  It is all I had to fight for my life and it is all I want to stay here to fight for.  We each are individuals and we each have the right to love what we love.  It is wrong to force interests and passions on others, just as rape or murder are wrong.

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