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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Truly giving from the body... your hair.....

OK. I'd say this is for the women out there, but in this day and age, even men want to feel good about what they see in the mirror. I've never really died my hair. I think I got it colored once at a salon, and at the time I was told I was getting semi-permanent vegetable dye. Well the dye did not act semi-permanent and I did not like it. I started hennaing my hair in College. I know I was told my great grandmother used to do what I do to get vibrant healthy hair.

I am a cancer survivor.  So are many in this country.  It is a disease that robs the body and mind of energy.  It can strip one of dignity.  It can rob one of hope.  I did not have to go through chemo or radiation.  I actually don't believe in those processes, so if my cancer came back I would fight to find a way to cure myself without those methods.  I would not recommend that course of action to anyone else.

In 2007 I started growing my hair.  I had this need to give back.  I had this need to help someone else.  I had this desire to make sense out of the trauma I went through, and feel like I meant something in this weird life we live.  Ironically enough at the time, I had people treating me like i had done some horrific thing.  And to this day I don't know what.  I felt as though I had been judged tried and convinced and all I wanted was to work and do a good job and be able to care about what I was doing.

It took me almost a year, and my hair stylist gave me a huge discount to shear off my hair so I could give it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths so someone out there in the world could feel good about themselves and fighting for their life.  Not every one can be a donor for hair.  Different organizations have different specifications.

There are several different groups that want your hair to give to others.
Patene's Beautiful Lengths.
Pantene only needs about 8 inches, though I think I gave them 10.  They now give their hair to women who suffer from hair loss due to cancer and are affiliated with the American Cancer Society.
Childhood Leukemia Foundation.
Childhood Leukemia Foundation gives hair to girls who have hair loss due to cancer. 

Locks of Love.
Locks of love gives hair to children who are financially disadvantaged and have lost their hair due to any medical diagnosis.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Different groups have different specifications as to what they want.  You typically need at least 8 inches past the nape of your neck.  You need to look if you have dyed hair or gray hair.  Check out the above sites to review how your hair should be taken care of and packaged to be sent for donation.  .

We are growing organic beings and we have this wonderful thing that grows from the top of our heads and other parts, called hair.  It does not hurt to cut it, so why not give it away.

Peace and best.

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