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Monday, January 25, 2010

Create Now- Helping Vulnerable Youth From 2 to 25 by making Christmas Ornaments.

In December I volunteered to shoot photography at a charity to help the organization Create Now, a 501(c)(3) non-profit create in 1996 to help high risk vulnerable youth through creative endeavors.  The kids are those fighting to overcome a past of neglect, abuse, or the bad choices of their parents or themselves.  They have access to a network of over 1,200 facilities that provide services, shelter or detain trouble children in the community.  The event was a networking party at Exclusive Casting Studios in Hollywood called "HAVE A BALL!"  between members of the entertainment industry and actors with the overall purpose to make Christmas Ornaments for a great charity.

I took photos of the event, though to protect the kids, I can't show you those photos.  I have a few that I have selected to show that do not have people in them so you get a sense of the activity on my photography album site.  The party consisted of two hours of making ornaments, followed by two hours with a DJ party.  They also auctioned off entertainment related services and products.    Barefoot Winery donated Champagne and Mimosa at the event.  I took product like photos.  (For anyone interested, I sent the pass codes to the folder containing pictures of the product shots and people on my site to Jill Gurr, Create Now founder.)  If you would like to volunteer for Create Now you can visit their website.  They have volunteer opportunities for those interested in fundraising, administration, marketing, and mentoring.  

Recently I received an e-mail stating that the British  Council selected Create Now as one of five arts organizations to "participate in their first multilateral Global Xchange program with six countries (Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, France, Northern Ireland and the U.S.). This is also the first time in their 75 year history that Americans are included in their exchange program."  Jill Gurr is currently spending "three weeks in Durban, South Africa, along with community activists from Homeboy Industries, LA's Best. Reach LA, Street Poets, and 25 other unique arts education organizations from Africa and Europe." Congrats to Jill and Create Now.   Jill Gurr has a blog up about her adventures if you are interested. 

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